NexGard SPECTRA range
NexGard SPECTRA range

NexGard SPECTRA® protects against fleas, ticks, mites, lice, heartworm and intestinal worms

All these dog parasites, just one monthly chew. How easy is that!

NexGard SPECTRA is the most complete parasite protection, all in one tasty chew

NexGard SPECTRA makes parasite protection easy, with flea, tick, mite, lice, heartworm and intestinal worm protection in one monthly treatment. Best of all your dog will love it, with 100% of owners saying NexGard SPECTRA was easy to give to their dog1.

1. PR&D 0269001
Find the dose that’s right for your dog

Protect your dog against the key parasites

  • Rapidly kills fleas

  • Treats and controls ticks

  • Treats and controls mange and mites

  • Treats and controls biting lice

  • Prevents heartworm disease

  • Treats and controls roundworm, hookworm & whipworm

  • Prevents flea tapeworm infestations

  • Tasty monthly chew that dogs love

  • Protection from 8 weeks of age and 1.35 kg bodyweight

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Find the dose that's right for your dog

NexGard SPECTRA has a range of products to suit every pooch from 8 weeks of age and 1.35 kg bodyweight.

Click to find the right dose for your dog

very small dogs
NexGard SPECTRA 1.35 - 3.5 kg

(Look for the orange pack for very small dogs.)

Small dogs
NexGard SPECTRA 3.6 - 7.5 kg

(Look for the yellow pack for small dogs.)

Medium dogs
NexGard SPECTRA 7.6 - 15 kg

(Look for the green pack for medium dogs.)

Large dogs
NexGard SPECTRA 15.1 - 30 kg

(Look for the purple pack for large dogs.)

Extra large dogs
NexGard SPECTRA 30.1 - 60 kg

(Look for the red pack for extra large dogs.)



For dogs over 60 kg, administer the appropriate combination of chews.



How to protect your dog with NexGard SPECTRA

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Step 1

Purchase NexGard SPECTRA in a 3 or 6 month protection pack

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Step 2

Remove a tasty chew from the pack and give to your dog with or without food

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Step 3

Repeat monthly all year round

Where to buy NexGard SPECTRA

Find NexGard SPECTRA at veterinary clinics, online or from a specialist retailer near you.

Frequently asked questions about NexGard SPECTRA

How does NexGard SPECTRA for Dogs kill ticks?

NexGard SPECTRA kills ticks by over-stimulating their nervous system, which results in death of the parasite.

How long does it take for NexGard SPECTRA for Dogs to work?

The active ingredients in NexGard SPECTRA are absorbed within 4 hours, resulting in rapid protection for your dog. For example, following administration, fleas are killed within 8 hours.  See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

What does NexGard SPECTRA for Dogs protect against?

NexGard SPECTRA provides the most complete protection from fleas, ticks, mites, lice, heartworm and intestinal worms, all in one tasty chew. See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

How often should NexGard SPECTRA for Dogs be given?

You should dose your dog once a month, ideally on the same day of each month.  See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Is NexGard SPECTRA for Dogs safe for puppies?

NexGard SPECTRA is safe for all breeds of dog when used as directed and can be given to puppies from 8 weeks of age, providing they weigh at least 1.35 kg.  See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Does NexGard SPECTRA® for Dogs kill mites?

NexGard SPECTRA treats and controls three of the most common mites infesting dogs: Demodex mites (the cause of demodectic mange), Sarcoptes mites (the cause of sarcoptic mange, also know as scabies) and Otodectes, or ear mites (the cause of otodectic mange). See product label for full claim details and directions for use.


Choose from the NexGard range to make sure your dog is fully protected.
NexGard SPECTRA® NexGard® HeartGard30® PLUS ParaGard®


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Mites and Lice

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Flea Tapeworm*

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* NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA prevent flea tapeworm when used according to label. If an active infection is present, a suitable allwormer such as ParaGard should be used.


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never miss a dose

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