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HeartGard product shots

Trusted protection against heartworm

HeartGard30® PLUS for dogs

Which HeartGard30 PLUS option is best for your dog?

HeartGard30 PLUS is available in 6 month protection packs.

Our range is suitable for all sizes, from small dogs to large dogs.

For dogs over 45 kg administer the appropriate combination of chewables.

HeartGard30 PLUS is a monthly combination wormer that not only protects dogs against heartworm, but also hookworm and roundworm.

Containing real beef, it’s a tasty chew that dogs love, so you can give them a treat and protect them at the same time!

Find the dose that’s right for your dog

Heartworm protection for dogs

  • Prevents heartworm disease

  • Treats and controls roundworm and hookworm

  • Real beef chewable

  • Monthly heartworm treatment for dogs

  • Protection from 6 weeks of age

Heartworms in dogs: all the facts for pet owners

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Find the dose that’s right for your dog

HeartGard30 PLUS can be used in all dogs over 6 weeks of age. With three convenient weight ranges, there is a HeartGard30 PLUS option for every pooch.

Click to find the right dose for your dog

Small dogs
HeartGard30 PLUS Up to 11 kg

(Look for the blue pack for small dogs.)

Medium dogs
HeartGard30 PLUS 12 – 22kg

(Look for the green pack for medium dogs.)

Large dogs
HeartGard30 PLUS 23 – 45kg

(Look for the red pack for extra large dogs.)



For dogs over 45 kg, administer the appropriate combination of chewables.

How to protect your dog with HeartGard30 PLUS

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Step 1

Purchase HeartGard30 PLUS in a
6 month protection pack

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Step 2

Remove tasty chew from pack and give to your dog

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Step 3

Dose at monthly intervals for protection against heartworm, roundworm and hookworm

Where to buy HeartGard30 PLUS

Find HeartGard30 PLUS for dogs from veterinary clinics, online or from a specialist retailer near you.

Frequently asked questions about HeartGard30 PLUS

What does HeartGard30 PLUS cover?

HeartGard30 PLUS protects your dog from heartworm, roundworm and hookworm. See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Do heartworm tablets kill all worms?

HeartGard30 PLUS protects your dog from heartworm disease and controls roundworm and hookworm, however it does not treat or control whipworm or tapeworm. If control of whipworm or tapeworm is required then an allwormer such as ParaGard® can be added to your deworming program. See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Is heartworm medicine really necessary?

Heartworm disease has the potential to be fatal in dogs and cats and is found in all mainland states.  Heartworm prevention is recommended year-round for all dogs and cats in Australia.

Can you give a dog heartworm and flea medicine at the same time?

NexGard protects against fleas, ticks and mites and can be included in a treatment program with a heartworm prevention product such as HeartGard30 PLUS.  Alternatively, NexGard SPECTRA provides the most complete protection from fleas, ticks, mites, heartworm and intestinal worms, all in one tasty chew.  See product labels for full claim details and directions for use.

Can puppies take HeartGard30 PLUS?

HeartGard30 PLUS can be given to puppies from six weeks of age. See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Where can I buy HeartGard30 PLUS from?

HeartGard30 PLUS is a non-prescription medication and can be purchased online, at veterinary clinics or at specialty retailers. 

Is HeartGard30 PLUS safe for pregnant dogs?

Yes.  When used as directed, HeartGard30 PLUS chewables have a wide margin or safelty in all breeds of dogs, including stud dogs, breeding bitches and puppies 6 weeks of age and older.  See product label for full claim details and directions for use.

Which NexGard protection is best for you

Choose from the NexGard range to make sure your dog is fully protected.
HeartGard30® PLUS NexGard SPECTRA® NexGard® ParaGard®


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Flea Tapeworm*

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* NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA prevent flea tapeworm when used according to label. If an active infection is present, a suitable allwormer such as ParaGard should be used.

never miss a dose
never miss a dose

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