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How to Clean Your Dog

Having a clean dog is not only more pleasant for us as dog owners, it can also be important for their health. Many people choose to use professional dog groomers but it is helpful to know how to conduct a dog wash at home in case the need arises. Here are some tips to help you clean your dog at home. 

How to Clean Dog Ears

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If your dog has healthy ears there is not usually much that you need to do to keep them clean. If you do need to clean their ears, you can use a cotton pad wrapped around your finger to gently wipe the visible parts of your dog’s ear to remove any ear wax or debris. Products designed to clean dogs’ ears are also available from your veterinary clinic, who will also be able to advise you on the best technique. Be sure to reward your dog with a treat after each ear clean so that they begin to associate these cleaning routines with positive experiences and rewards. This will make cleaning much easier in the future. Homemade dog ear cleaners or ear washes are not recommended as they can irritate or cause harm to your dog’s ears. 

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How to Clean Dogs' Teeth

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from gum disease. Gum disease starts with excessive plaque build-up in your dog’s mouth. Without regular teeth cleaning, the plaque will harden and form tartar. Tartar will continue to build up on your dog’s teeth and gumline, eventually causing inflammation. Having a professional dog dental clean performed by your vet is one of the best ways to promote good oral hygiene in your dog. Your vet can recommend how often this should be done. The best way to avoid gum disease and all the complications it brings is to be proactive about your dog’s oral hygiene from the start. Knowing how to brush your dog’s teeth is important so that you do not cause any damage by brushing. You will need a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for pets. Be sure to approach the brushing slowly and gently, making sure to get the plaque off each tooth, without irritating the gums. There are options to clean dog teeth without brushing, such as administering daily dental chews. For example, OraVet® Chews work by helping to clean the teeth and establish a barrier against plaque, tartar and bad breath.  

How to Clean Dog Eyes

When cleaning around your dog’s eyes, it is important to be gentle and to avoid irritating or causing damage to the eyes. One way of cleaning your dog’s eyes (or rather, around the eyes) is to use a damp cotton pad to gently wipe away any material. If you notice signs such as redness, swelling or excessive discharge it is important to check in with your vet.

How to Clean Dog Paws

Before you clean your dog’s paws, you should check for any wounds or signs of skin irritation that may require attention from a vet. Remove any debris, like grass seeds or dirt, from around the paws. Use a washcloth and warm water to gently wipe the paws for a surface clean. You can then proceed to thoroughly clean your dog’s paws using warm water and a shampoo designed for dogs. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry the paws.



Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Cleaning

  • My dog ate poop, how do I clean its mouth?

    To thoroughly clean a dog’s mouth, you can use a dog toothbrush and a toothpaste designed specifically for pets. Moisten the brush and apply the toothpaste, giving a small amount to your dog to let them become used to the taste. Lift their lip to expose the teeth and gums and begin gently cleaning with circular motions. Thoroughly clean the outside tooth surfaces until you have finished each tooth. Offer your dog a reward when you have finished to keep the experience a positive one.

  • What can I use to wash my dog? 

    Your vet can provide you with advice about the best products to use for your pet. You will need a shampoo suitable for dogs. If your dog has a skin condition your vet may recommend a special dog wash.  

  • How to brush puppy teeth? 

    Knowing how to clean a dog’s teeth is important for their oral health. You will need a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for pets to get started. Be sure to go slowly, making sure that each tooth is clean without causing any damage to the gums. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for them to adjust to the routine. It’s important to have regular dental check-ups with your vet.

  • How to clean a dog ear infection? 

    If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, it is important to see a vet so they can examine the ears and provide treatment. Your vet can show you the safe and effective way to clean your dog’s ears if they have an ear infection.

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