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Cat care

Cat Care

Welcome to our cat hub where you will find useful information to help keep your feline companion happy and healthy.

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Pet Care
Cat Care
Human Foods Cats Can Eat

Unsure what to feed your cat? Discover a variety of human foods you can add to your cat’s diet. Click here to learn more!

Cat Parasites

Parasites may be small, but they can be a big problem for your cats. Protect your cat with NexGard® SPECTRA Spot-On for Cats. Click to find out more!

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

Looking for flea treatment for cats? Discover how cats get fleas, what fleas look like on cats and how to get rid of fleas on cats. Click here to learn more!

Cat Parasites
Cat Mites
Ear Mites in Cats: Symptoms & Treatment

Ear mites are a common cause of ear disease in cats. Discover the symptoms and how to treat and protect against ear mites. Click here to learn more!

Cat Parasites
Ticks In Cats

Paralysis ticks are a deadly parasite than can cause tick paralysis in cats. Bush ticks can also cause harm to cats. Learn more about ticks and how to protect your cat.

Worms In Cats

Worms can cause serious health problems for your cat, and some can also infect and cause disease in people. Learn more about worms and how to protect your cat. Click here!

Cat Parasites
Cat Worms
Hookworm in Cats - Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Hookworms have sharp, biting mouthparts which they use to attach to a cat’s intestinal wall to feed on blood. They can also infect people. Learn more about symptoms, treatment and prevention. Click here!

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